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June 14, 2021 Scarab of Truth

(This is a Ritual from the PGM book)

* The Scarab of Truth * Ritual completed

Thursday morning: I offered khypi incense to the ring, I lit a candle. I made sure the magical balm would touch my third eye and eyelids so I may better see, my ears so that I may better hear, the palms of my hands so I may better sense, on my heart so I may better feel, and my throat and my lips so I may speak only the truth.

Tonight as I go to sleep, I will rub the balm on the soles of my feet so I may rise like the sun, on a new day walking and seeing the path of truth.

The Scarab is fire, and this one feels warmer and alive now.

I put the Ring to the test right away and looked at my near future fortune with my Oracle of bones and curios. And yes, truth never fails! ❤️❤️❤️


Last Monday: I finally started the Scarab Ring Ritual today. I will finish it on Thursday and I will then add to this post.

I’m using a seashell as the boat because it looks so much like a boat!!! I’m burning Kyphi and the lotion is a Lilac balm I created with my garden Lilacs and I added Indian Myrrh Guggul that I slowly melted with Vodka through the last 6 years, best Myrrh ever!!!! The boat is on top of pieces of Olive Wood.

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