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It’s Spring!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

This is my first flower this Spring!

She is more than a flower, she brings hope for the future, she reminds us that no matter our circumstances, life goes on...

...and it must go on!

I don't know about you, but I sincerely hope you are having a better year than me.

2023 has been the most terrifying year of my life. And the year has only started. I wish it gets better from now on, I really do.

I turned half a century this year. I was hoping for a grandiose birthday! But I was too exhausted to do anything. I had just left the hospital the day before. I thought I was cured. It had been six years since my breast cancer diagnose and now it is back in my lungs. I got the news the day after my birthday, January 11.

This has been my year so far. Hell on Earth. I've been fighting. Again. It never ends!

The good news is that I have started treatment with the Dana Farber Institute in Boston, I'm in very capable hands! The best, really!

And I am very grateful for that!

I have a lovely life! I am not all busy chasing happiness because I have already found it with my beloved husband and our eight fur babies.

Spring has come and I'm still here breathing... sometimes coughing more than breathing, but alive nonetheless.

Spring is here!

I rejoice!

Warmer days are coming! I'm excited about that more than anything else this year. I dream of hot sunny days, the beach around the corner...

I look forward to doing Tarot Readings by the beach, just like I did last year, but a lot more this year.

I long to look into my clients' eyes and continue to empower them with knowledge of their future to come! To help them leave my Reading table feeling much better than when they just arrived. I want to give them hope!

The same hope that I'm hanging onto by a thread, I endeavor to freely give to all that seek my advice.

May 2023 be good to you!

Hang in there!

Miracles do happen...

Otherwise, make no mistake about it, I will be a very angry ghost indeed...😂

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