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Huge help through grief

The ancient art of healing from India called Ayurveda is quite amazing. it’s been a week today that I lost my kitty and I’ve been taking Cardio Support from Maharishi Ayurveda since day two. Andrew realized we had those pills and it could help as I complained to him that I could feel grief as physical pain in my heart. I started taking Cardio Support on the middle of the second day of grieving, when I couldn’t stop crying and I had huge outbursts every few minutes. I took two pills and in twenty minutes I felt a huge relief, as if my heart was energetically coated with a protection barrier. I continued taking two pills three times a day for the next four days, now I’m taking two pills twice a day. Of course I’m still sad and grieving, but not crying rivers anymore, no outbursts and I’m able to continue my life easier towards some faster normalcy. Psychological studies have been done and it is known that we love our pets as much as if they were our own children, the love is as deep. Therefore, the loss is also as deep.

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