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Helping my Tarot Students

This is intended to help new Tarot Readers, it is a One on One student class, I'm leaving out the words from my student in order to keep his/her privacy on this Blog Post.

Using this simple layout from Collette Silvestre's book ABC to the Tarot, where the first card represents the client facing his question, the second card will help or not the Reading, the third card is the objective, the possibilities and the major force, the forth card gives the answer and the fifth card is determined by adding all the number of the cards and getting to a number not higher than 21, and this number will be the number of the Major Arcana card chosen for the last card that represents the synthesis.

This is the first layout my student did, supposedly using only the Major Arcana cards.

My answer to this first Reading attemp was:

"You need to do this Reading with only the Major Arcana Cards.

I see the Queen of Wands there and that is a Minor Arcana card.

The Major Arcana are first 22 cards in most tarot decks, while the Minor Arcana consists of the wands, cups, swords and pentacles.

0: The Fool

(I) 1: The Magician

(II) 2: The High Priestess

(III) 3: The Empress

(IV) 4: The Emperor

(V) 5: The Hierophant

(VI) 6: The Lovers

(VII) 7: The Chariot

(VIII) 8: Strength

(IX) 9: The Hermit

(X) 10: Wheel Of Fortune

(XI) 11: Justice

(XII) 12: The Hanged Man

(XIII) 13: Death

(XIV) 14: Temperance

(XV) 15: The Devil

(XVI) 16: The Tower

(XVII) 17: The Star

(XVIII) 18: The Moon

(XIX) 19: The Sun

(XX) 20: Judgement

(XXI) 21: The World

Please do it again, because you can’t add the cards at the end with Minor Arcana.

The last card after you add them all is the synthesis, the meaning of the Reading as a whole."

I also said:

"And have your question in mind when you shuffle cards. A direct question.

For example:

Is he moving this year?"

I asked my student to re-do the Reading only with the Major Arcana cards. But I also decided to interpret the layout above in this audio below:

My student drew new cards:

My reply to this new layout:

And I end this post saying that practice makes perfect. That we must face the cards with clear minds and never bring peecconcived ideas and outcomes that are favorable to us. Just look at the images and see what they have to tell you.


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