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Happy Samhain!

✫*¨*. Happy Samhain! ✫*¨*.

As we make room for the New Year, let go of all that doesn't fit anymore. All projects that will never be accomplished, all the clutter that will not be sorted through, all the limitations that hold us back and all the unfulfilled dreams.

At this time I am reminded of the amazing expansive feeling of a simple deep breath, as I recover from COVID.

Let's be happy with what we have, the good, the bad, the ugly, the glorious! Life is to be lived and happiness is in the living. We are here to live a good life, not more, not less. I am once again, just happy to be alive to enjoy another day!

Live each day, breath each day and love each day, because in the end and throughout your days, love is all that matters!

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