Goddess Witch Wand


*.¸¸. Goddess Witch Wand .✫*¨*.¸¸.

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¨*.From my Magical Goddess Tree! See last picture.

¨*.¸¸. Watch video here: https://youtu.be/ww2UC2dKUTY

¨*.¸¸. A super powerful Wand as a Spirit vessel, keeping the enchantment of the Spirit Communication, invoked by the sacred hands of the Magician, enabled with the ever so precious handmade *Coumpounded Fluid Condenser* (Franz Bardon’s recipe).

Two large crystal clear Quartz Crystal on the top and one antique faceted glass ball on the end, give this Real Wand intense power! Embellished with a vintage broach from India adorned with Turquoise gemstones and red corals, an antique golden Flowers broach adds grace and age to this super fantastic piece! And bio degradable glitter shows the spark of real magic!

Measuring Approximately 20 inches long, a wooden branch I picked from the grounds on my garden, a very sacred and special wood from my Copper Beech Tree, the Goddess Tree that inspires communication with the Spirit World and Communion with the Gods of old. Please see the natural occurring And always present face on the tree on the last picture.


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