Goddess Isis Cat Lover Auctioning now!

* Goddess Isis Cat Lover * Art Doll * by Gina Luna

Auctioning now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Goddess-Isis-Cat-Magnificent-OOAK-Art-Doll-Holding-kitty-Hand-Sculpted-Original-/254674468081

Isis, daughter of Earth and Sky.

“Mother of stars, the parent of seasons, and the mistress of all the world.” (Apuleius)

Divine protector of the dead.

Winged in stars, bearing the sun and the moon, forever infinite, with the heart of gold, holding her beloved kitty.

Her video may be seen here: https://youtu.be/J72ItLSdwLE

Measuring approximately 13 inches long, hand sculpted face and hands in professional polymers, hand painted with oil paint. Adornes her hair: vintage golden moon shape retired jewel, vintage metal flowers and rhinestones (retired Witch family heirloom earring piece), six Egyptian real turquoise and free trade golden beads, red corals, Amethyst and Fresh Water pearl.

Embellished with Mexican metal Milagro heart (hand painted with acrylics), vintage hand made iridescent wings, silver color stars, vintage golden beads, Colorful pure silk yarn from India, vintage blue Fiancé Scarab from Egypt, Egyptian Lapis Lazuli rectangular cabochon.

Brown wig made of Mohair gently shaved from living goats. She holds a hand made kitty, composed of real cat’s hair, gently brushed from my Familiar Mirabelle (see last picture).

All parts are permanently attached together.

She has a loop on her back to allow her to be displayed on your wall.

Truly magnificent and One of a Kind! The only one in the whole world!

My name is Gina Luna and my art work has been published in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine several times and also in Dolls Magazine from Canada.

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