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Fairy Twins

* Fairy Twins * Art Doll * by Gina Luna

Little Fairy Twins! They come in pairs! Such a delight! Happy and filled with light!

The video may be seen here:

Measuring approximately 5 and 1/2 inches long, hand sculpted face and hands in professional polymers, hand painted with oil paint.

Embellished with  vintage silver glittery fabric, tiny biodegradable iridescent stars, velvet handmade hats, bronze color yarn. Vintage Victorian butterfly wings decoupage.

Cruelty free. Wigs made with mohair from healthy, happy and live goats that are more like pets in this farm in Iowa that uses their mohair for knitting, where I bought the mohair in person years ago. No animals are hurt in the making of my dolls. 

Kitty and rabbit are made completely from cat hair from my white Persian cat, brushed off of him ever so gently, during his daily brushes. See last picture.

All parts are permanently attached together.

Each doll has a loop on it’s back to allow it to be displayed on your wall. 

Truly magnificent and One of a Kind! The only one in the whole world!

My name is Gina Luna and my art work has been published in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine several times and also in Dolls Magazine from Canada.

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