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Faery Godmother Art Doll

* The Faery Godmother * Art Doll by Gina Luna

Auctioning here:

“The Faery Godmother, (or good mother, as the Welsh call her) is the Faery who brings her special gifts to the newborn. The godmother’s ancestors are the Celtic Triple Matres, or Mothers is - who watch over places such as wells, springs, and the home, and over the course of our lives - and the Greek Fates, the three women who spin, measure, and cut the thread of man’s destiny. In Albania, godmothers are known as Fatit, appearing the third day after a child’s birth to bestow the gifts of fate. In Latvia, the Laume, a household faery, presides over the three major events of life: birth, marriage and death.”

Excerpt and last image from the Book Good Faeries by Brian Froud.

Her video may be seen here:

Measuring approximately 16 inches long, hand sculpted face and hands in professional polymers, hand painted with oil paint. Adornes her head: Golden acrylic strands, vintage silver metal yarn, vintage silk flowers, 250 years old Apple Tree fallen branches, family heirloom antique broach in the shape of the moon, adorned with rhinestones up cycled with silver paint and biodegradable glitter.

Embellished with vintage velvet fabric and copper yarn, biodegradable iridescent glitter stars.

All parts are permanently attached together.She has a loop on her back to allow her to be displayed on your wall.

Truly magnificent and One of a Kind! The only one in the whole world!

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