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Conjuration to the Sun

A wonderful way to start your day and it is something I do every day, is to recite this incantation to Helios, the Sun.

I am performing Rituals from the PGM (Greek Magical Papyri), and I am having a blast! I will be posting here in my blog about these rituals, It is a way to preserve my magical journey.

Every morning I look at the Sun and say out loud the magical incantation below. You don’t have to pronounce the strange words extremely correctly, we might not know today how to best pronounce them, they are ancient in nature, just do your best.

I use sunflower oil to anoint my hands, face and head, you may do the same or use an oil that resonates with the sun for you. I can also create a Helios oil potion just for you to purchase, just let me know.

From the Greek Magical Papyri by Hans Dieter Betz.

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