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Celestial Perception, by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Celestial Perception

Mallorca, 1972

Maharishi: You know there is a proverb, ‘God is love’, and God equates with creator. Creator equates with the basis and the ultimate cause of creation, Being.

So Being is love, it is intelligence, it is existence. Existence, pure existence, pure love, pure life, infinite, unbounded, abstract, non-concrete, beyond the finest relative which is celestial.

When the awareness opens to that value, on the way it opens to some of these flashes of thunderbolts, some powerful, celestial perceptions. This thing is a relative phenomenon–perception of light, very celestial vision, celestial hearing, some celestial sound, some celestial taste, smell, touch. All the five senses have their fields of perception in every layer of existence–gross and subtle and subtler and subtlest, subtlest is celestial. All the five senses have their objects of perception in this celestial.

Celestial being so fine–when our awareness is not used to those fine perceptions, we miss them. And when our awareness becomes used to it–and this is due to release of stress–as the system becomes more and more purified, we talk in terms of purification now, all the stresses go away, the system becomes more purified, it starts to function more normally, so more normal perception begins to dawn. Normal perception means ability to perceive through all the layers of creation, ability to perceive finest value of relative. This is normal human perception.

So as the stresses are being resolved, normality of perception is growing, and therefore it is no surprise that the perceptions of the very fine relative fields of creation begin to be more apparent. and this ability, as it grows, it will be available even when one is active, later on. And this is what it is growing into. Even fields of activity will not deprive of this ability of fine perception. The perceptions will remain there. Whole activity will be there, and that very fine level of creation, which is permeating all the gross levels, will be visible. With that, harmony will dominate in our awareness, differences will not be so dominating. And this will be unity.

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