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Celebrating our 15th Anniversary!

We had a marvelous day today at Ansel's Cafe in Marion.

is very magical! With a magnificent garden on the back.

When they gave us the password for the Wi-Fi that was: "Unusual Flute", I knew right away that Pan had something to do with our choice of being there.

The Lavender Lemonade was out of this world! It made me feel a little drunk with the wave of energies from the Lavender's Spirit going up my head and beyond! As if the Lavender was having a brief experience of human life deep in my being.

What a glorious day!

We had such an amazing meal! Two entrances, a tray of a variety of baked breads with a herb butter they made there, a tray of various cheeses and crackers. Whipped cold coffee, lavender lemonade, and a very delicious panini sandwich with sour dough bread, artichokes, onions, Italian peppers, cheese sauce and potato crisps. Plus dessert! I had this warm chocolate cream cheese cake with ice cream on top, Andrew had a rhubarb crisp apple pie with ice cream on top!

We got to talk about our Meditaton, Transcendental Meditation (

Little squirrel at the gardens:

Got to do a quick Teading for a friend at the end of the day:

This is the little virtual gift I made for Andrew. It shows our beloved cats Luigi and Baby:

Andrew gave me a meditating golden lion! So precious!❤️

We grabbed a Very Berry Pie on our way back home, from Fieldstone Farm Market also in Marion. Best berry pie I've ever had!❤️

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