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At King Richard ‘s Faire * 3rd day

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Third day at the Faire.

A 12 year old girl after paying for her Psychic Reading, sat down in front of the Fortune Teller and in anticipation of unwelcoming news she blurted out: “Don’t tell me how many children I’m going to have!”

To which I replied:

“I won’t. And you actually don’t have to have any children at all, if you don’t want to.”

The girl smiled in approval as she let her little body get comfortable in the big chair.

She is a little girl with an agenda! In her short experience upon this Earth, she has discovered 

what makes the world go round. In her little mind, within a still developing brain, her goal is: Success and Money She is going to be a Doctor. She needs no friends, she wants neither love nor children.

I don’t worry about this little girl. Unlike most, she knows what she wants.  What she hasn’t realized yet is that right at this moment, the reason she doesn’t yearn for future love is precisely because she’s already got it! Love surrounds her every day. Love from her family! She is loved and protected. She is satiated. 

There is hope that in her future, she will realize that love is the glue that keeps this world together. It’s all about love after all. Love is all that matters.

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