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Asking the cards hard questions.

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Go here to watch video:

Now, these were the cards I pulled on Wednesday, two days ago, about his health when he went back to the Vet.

I first pulled these two cards:

The Empress, just sitting there doing nothing and the Broom (from Mildred's deck) to clean it up a bit, superficial clean up to make it pretty.

And then I pulled these cards:

The rat is disease, the house, the mirror signifying taking care of oneself and I had to pull one more card and there it is, the crow, very bad omen.

All these cards, show me that he would be resting at home and be taken care of, but nothing much more can be done. 😩


Update: my cat died on Sunday. He was 15 years old, white Persian, full of love! He was always a bright light in my life.❤️

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