And the ghost cat goes on…

(Part 2)

And the ghost cat goes on…

Interesting enough, I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t have a dream in which Nenê invaded last night. I had an odd feeling: maybe my mind made it all up that he would visit me every night in my dreams. Then I let it go and I thought that he doesn’t need to come see me every night. I’m not that clingy for the affections of my dead cat, he obviously has a lot more important shit to do.

And then I went for my morning Transcendental Meditation routine.

And wouldn’t you know it that I slept throughout my meditation and in my dream, Nenê jumped behind Andrew, as if saying: “Sorry I’m late!”, disturbing his meditation and mine as well. As Andrew picks Nenê up and hands him to me, he says: “Here is your boy, as you were looking for him.” - I pick Nenê up and I hold him in my arms thinking: “Wow, he is quite solid for a ghost. He is real.”

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