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An Apple for a ghost

While we were out grocery shopping today, I remembered that my father asked me for an apple in my dream last night.

Last year, my grandmother asked for a glass of water.

I wonder if this contact is from the perispirit that is left behind to desintegrate, after the person passes away. Witches call it the Shade. It's that which is called upon to ask questions during Seances and by Mediums. Because the dead doesn't belong here and does not remain here. Only the Perispirit that is comprised of the parts of the soul called Mental and Emotional bodies and it doesn't go to the beyond. It has thdd we knowledge of the dead person until the moment of death.

If it learns that it can stay alive by consuming energy, it becomes a ghost of sorts. But I wonder if it does so by itself or if it gets possessed by non human spirits.

Lots to think about!

It was a beautiful sunny day today, with no clouds in the sky!

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