Alliance with Typhon

From The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, Edited by Betz

Page 40 to 43 (included in pictures) I have now just finished my Typhonic Initiation on this October 3, 2020, at 12:50 pm. At the attic of my house. I wore Ivy I took from my garden around my head. I used black silk to cover my eyes and I was completely wrapped in linen. I burned Frankincense and also sprinkled baking soda and salt on the floor. I started at 12:00pm and repeated the conjurations 3 times. I did it twice. At the end of the first time, I felt this fire in my stomach, almost like a pain, something different and strange.

I felt to repeat the Ritual and the second time was quite stronger. I felt all the emotions deeply, of being done wrong by the gods and being in alliance with Typhon. I was proclaiming the words louder and with real sentiment. It all just happened very normally, I wasn’t forcing anything.

After all was spoken, the birds were very loud outside, Ravens and Seagulls flying around. I took that as a sign and even deeper, the sign that I felt from within myself. Something had changed.

By the end of the ritual there was huge a physical fear, an emotion to escape, Typhon had arrived.

I took the black fabric off my eyes and as I spoke the words out loud where I state that I have been attached to his holy form, I noticed that my voice was different, stronger and so familiar with the strange words I was pronouncing.

I changed into my white clothes and snapped a picture of myself as I felt different and still do.

Here is a picture of myself before the Ritual and one after the Ritual. I wanted to see if I

could capture anything different. It looks like I did.

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