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A black floating mass.

In the video below, you will see that one of the stories has filmed a black floating mass. I have seen one just like it! It all happened a few years ago. I was finishing a session of scrying with my mirror. And then I felt like something was falling towards me. I looked up and this black mass floating in the air started coming towards me. I instinctively ducked. When I looked up, it floated away from me and disappeared before hitting the wall. This all happened during the day and inside my house. Maybe it showed up because I called it’s attention when I was doing scrying and I could have gone into a light trance. But I had finished and wasn’t in a trance when I saw it. Then I saw it again the next day, also during the day in Walmart of all places! I ducked again and when I looked up, it had disappeared. When I looked around, a guy standing a few isles from me was staring at my direction, I think he saw it too.

Because I’m a medium, I could have called the attention of this black mass when I was scrying. But the fact that it came for me in high velocity, gives a very bad feeling!

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