This is the Kyphi formula, I made in 2017.

Kyphi is an ancient Greek word that means: incense.

I followed a formula from Talia Felix’s book: The Conjure Cookbook. It calls for: Mastic, Pine Resin, Honey, Palmarosa, Mint and Sweet Flag. She doesn’t give proportions. She says though that this is the right ancient Egyptian formula from the time of Rameses the III and it’s the simplest formula known. And that raisins and red wine were added to this formula in later versions.

I added honey to it to create the little balls and rolled them on the powdered formula. It was quite an experiment, let me tell you! I was mixing all the powdered ingredients with honey using a glass stirrer. The thing broke and made a medium size cut on my right hand and blood went all over the ingredients. And in shock I realized that I was paying the coin for what I was doing, a sacrifice of sorts, since I’m no Ancient Egyptian Priest and might not have been following the right magical procedures. *OH!!! It just dawn on me that maybe the wine in the later versions is a replacement for blood!!!

The also interesting thing was that my friend’s cat passed away the next day and I went to her house in the evening with chocolates for her and she took me to see her cat’s grave. Once on her backyard I felt this urge to perform a little ritual for the cat. I knew a funerary rite, changed from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to be used for a Pet’s Funeral. (I bought this Ritual from the Sorceror’s Apprentice website). My friend agreed and I went back home to get the Kyphi . When I got back to her house with the Kyphi, she went to get something important in the house, all excited about it and she brought out this large wooden ancient (thousands of years old, maybe) statue of Osiris!!! Her first husband had bought it from a museum in the 60s, quite cheap as one foot of the statue had a chip on it. And we performed the Ceremony that actually called upon Osiris to come get her cat. Amazing! I felt as if for the first time in my life I was really doing what I was supposed to do, as if I had lived before in that far away land and this was familiar to me.

Now, the cut on my hand took a month to heal as I was going through chemo at the time, which makes your body heal

slower. And I haven’t made any more Kyphi since, I save it for special occasions!😂😂

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From The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, Edited by Betz

Page 40 to 43 (included in pictures) I have now just finished my Typhonic Initiation on this October 3, 2020, at 12:50 pm. At the attic of my house. I wore Ivy I took from my garden around my head. I used black silk to cover my eyes and I was completely wrapped in linen. I burned Frankincense and also sprinkled baking soda and salt on the floor. I started at 12:00pm and repeated the conjurations 3 times. I did it twice. At the end of the first time, I felt this fire in my stomach, almost like a pain, something different and strange.

I felt to repeat the Ritual and the second time was quite stronger. I felt all the emotions deeply, of being done wrong by the gods and being in alliance with Typhon. I was proclaiming the words louder and with real sentiment. It all just happened very normally, I wasn’t forcing anything.

After all was spoken, the birds were very loud outside, Ravens and Seagulls flying around. I took that as a sign and even deeper, the sign that I felt from within myself. Something had changed.

By the end of the ritual there was huge a physical fear, an emotion to escape, Typhon had arrived.

I took the black fabric off my eyes and as I spoke the words out loud where I state that I have been attached to his holy form, I noticed that my voice was different, stronger and so familiar with the strange words I was pronouncing.

I changed into my white clothes and snapped a picture of myself as I felt different and still do.

Here is a picture of myself before the Ritual and one after the Ritual. I wanted to see if I

could capture anything different. It looks like I did.

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Updated: Apr 21

Light a candle, give red flowers and offerings to this amazing Goddess and her lion.

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