Beatrice * Fine Porcelain Ball Jointed Doll

Sold. Published in the Canadian Dolls Magazine in 2017.

Beatrice is truly unique! In the whole world, there is only one Beatrice!

Completely hand sculpted in fine porcelain, from beginning to end. No molds are used or ever created. Hand painted with China Paint. Wearing a long, non-removable, auburn acrylic wig (cruelty free). Her dark, shining blue piercing eyes are hand painted. Her eyebrows are hand painted. Eyelashes are acrylic and applied one by one.

Measuring approximately 17 inches long. Beatrice has double ball joints on her elbows, upper legs and knees, and ball joints on ankles, wrists and upper neck.

Beatrice wears a hand made, majestic, large crown! Hand sculpted with metals and embellished with rhinestones and vintage pearl-like beads, her crown also carries white silk, realistic looking flowers, antique lace and white chiffon fabric. Her super long delicate dress was hand sewn from antique lace, beautifully displaying tiny pearl cabochons on the front.

Because Beatrice prefers to be seated, she comes with a large, royal, golden chair of wood and hand made removable red wine silk pillows for her comfort.

Beatrice is more than a doll, she is a Collector's Treasure!

© Gina Luna